You are holding a book where you will find the mysterious 22 energies of the World Genesis
thoroughly explained and discussed. I discovered them on my way as an author and healing
practitioner of the Destiny Matrix The 22 codes

Each of us might sooner or later ask a question, why am I living? Who am I? What is a deep meaning of my life on Earth? Why was I born in this country? Why are these my parents giving birth to me at this very point of time? Is there, perhaps, a very important mission I was born for?
Sometimes, our destiny may seem as something enigmatic and volatile beyond our
At times, impulses of in-depth processes reach our consciousness; us finding it much easier
to live, solve everyday tasks. We become thus happier. Our life is filled with meaning. How often do we hear words like, I am clueless about what I should do. I have no idea where to study. I am not sure where I can implement my creative potential. Or even worse, my life is boring, I see no sense of existence on Earth
The Destiny Matrix 22 codes © was discovered for the sake of expansion of human
opportunities, choices and a smoother, happier transition into newer energies, coming down on the Earth during the shift of our planet from the World of Soul into the Spirit Land to houseclean and zero out our accumulated negative karma of our passed lives and family channels from a three– to four-fold vibrational energies row. The planet 4th destiny calculation is an evidence. We used to apply three levels in our Method calculation initially, whereas nowadays we have added the 4th destiny which speaks about a global expansion of human possibilities and an inevitable cleansing of the soul, body and spirit.

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